Get Ready for some New Posts

For the last week or so, I have been transferring archived blogs from my former host, to my new site here on WordPress.  When I started blogging for CNRG, I did so to share my knowledge and opinions with the local nonprofit market as the Development Chair of the organization, a group I served for five years as a committee member and later as a Board member.  I greatly value the things I learned from the group and the opportunities it provided.  If you are in the state of Oregon, I recommend you subscribe to the organization’s newsletters which are published and emailed Monday through Friday.

This week I will be writing new posts from my new location in Rockford, Illinois. Get ready for some interesting reading.


About greatergoodfundraising

Richard Freedlund has been active in the nonprofit sector in a number of ways, both professionally and as a volunteer. He is the founder of Greater Good Fundraising, a business that helps schools and organizations raise money for their programs while accomplishing something positive for the community. After living in Oregon for 27 years, he has returned to his hometown of Rockford, Illinois and hopes to make his mark on the nonprofit sector there. He is the father of a talented jazz musician and the son of philanthropic parents that continue to support multiple causes. To contact Richard for consulting, fundraising, or speaking opportunities, email or reach him on @ggfundraise
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