It’s Finally Over

I have finally finished my series about ethics and nonprofit fundraising.  It should not have taken so long, but things happen.  For those of you who don’t know, I am now spending a lot of my time taking care of my aging parents, and they have had some health issues.  Things have improved for them lately, so now I am ready to resume my blogging on a more regular basis.

I have found that since I started the series, a lot of people prefer to shy away from the topic of ethics.  Many people feel that ethics is a gray area, and then there are a few of us, myself especially, who feel that ethics is a black and white subject.  We all know that stealing from our causes is wrong, yet it seems like I read at least one article a week about some nonprofit employee who is indicted for embezzling thousands or millions of dollars from their organization.  We know that when a donor designates their gift for a specific purpose, the money must be used for that purpose, yet we hear stories of organizations shifting gifts to other purposes for some reason or another and try to justify their actions when the donor finds out and sues.

I must say that writing this series has been enlightening, and I will probably touch on the topic again in the future, but I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts and opinions on other topics.  I may also try to incorporate some interviews with other professionals, as well as some philanthropists.

Thanks again for reading and always feel free to comment on my posts.  I want to hear from you.


About greatergoodfundraising

Richard Freedlund has been active in the nonprofit sector in a number of ways, both professionally and as a volunteer. He is the founder of Greater Good Fundraising, a business that helps schools and organizations raise money for their programs while accomplishing something positive for the community. After living in Oregon for 27 years, he has returned to his hometown of Rockford, Illinois and hopes to make his mark on the nonprofit sector there. He is the father of a talented jazz musician and the son of philanthropic parents that continue to support multiple causes. To contact Richard for consulting, fundraising, or speaking opportunities, email or reach him on @ggfundraise
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One Response to It’s Finally Over

  1. Richard, caring for loved ones in ill health is a challenge. I’ve been on both sides of that one. So, I have some understanding of what you’ve been through, and I’m glad to hear that your situation is improving.

    I applaud you for directly addressing the issue of ethics. Sadly, the topic is one that folks find easy to ignore for any number of reasons. Perhaps the greatest reason people ignore the topic is that they believe, usually rightly, that they are already ethical. Unfortunately, they then assume that they do not need to study ethics since they’re already ethical. However, continuing to educate ourselves about ethics is how ethical people can be assured of being the kind of person we aspire to be. As professionals, we owe it to ourselves, our profession, our communities, and those we serve to always strive to be the most ethical we can be. Education is one way to get there. Your ethics series was a terrific way for folks to refresh or learn about vital topic.

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