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Nonprofits and the Relationship Attention Deficit Disorder

Ten years ago, I went through a pretty traumatic divorce, and when I thought I was ready, I signed up for a couple of online dating services which I won’t name.  I tried it for a few months, but nothing … Continue reading

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In Praise of Small Events

Many of the people and organizations I talk to about development strategy think that fundraising is all about big events like walks, runs, and galas.  They do not seem to realize that these things take a great amount of time, … Continue reading

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Greece, Illinois, and Lack of Common Sense

Does it make sense for a nonprofit arts organization to ask a homeless person to contribute to a fund to buy an expensive painting for a museum?  Does it make sense for a charity to ask a business that is … Continue reading

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Should Your Organization Keep Walking?

About forty years ago, I participated in my first fundraising walk.  I can’t remember which organization it was for, but I do remember getting the sponsorship form and going around my neighborhood and getting people to agree to donate a … Continue reading

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Where Will It Go and Who Will Remember You?

I write this post, not only for my regular audience of nonprofit professionals, but also to my friends for whom this applies. Like most people, I have many friends that I have acquired over my lifetime.  I love them all … Continue reading

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It’s Not Their Job, It’s Our Job

When I lived in Oregon, I attended a church in downtown Portland.  On a weekly basis, I saw many homeless men and women sitting in doorways with their belongings in shopping carts, panhandling for money to pay for food and … Continue reading

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Slot Machines and Fundraising

It used to be that slot machines could only be found in Nevada and Atlantic City, but over the years, as states sought more funding for their bloated budgets, more and more of them legalized some forms of gambling, and … Continue reading

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