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Some Supporters Can’t Support That

Controversy and politics can have a deleterious effect on nonprofit organizations, and the Public Theater should have been aware of the potential risks. Continue reading

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True Believers and Mercenaries

When I was a student teacher my senior year in college, I was trained by a first grade teacher I observed the previous year.  When I observed him in action with his students, I admired how he worked with and dealt … Continue reading

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Your Cause May Not be My Cause, and That’s All Right

Not every donor is going to be passionate about your cause, but the fact that they are passionate about some cause is a good start.
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The Nonprofit Minimum Wage Conundrum

When I started working in the nonprofit sector after college, I worked as an assistant preschool teacher in daycare center.  I was paid above minimum wage, but not a lot above minimum wage.  I got semiannual raises, but they weren’t … Continue reading

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Going Out of Business

When I was in college, I spent a few days of my sophomore year spring break visiting my future brother-in-law who was going to med school in New York City.  It was my first time in the Big Apple,  so Dave … Continue reading

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Surpassing Expectations Deserves a Reward

In 1985, I decided to stay at school and take some classes instead of going home for the summer.  I took a job at store that sold textbooks that I ended up hating, quit pretty quickly, and then took a … Continue reading

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Loose Lips

Shortly after I moved to Oregon in the mid 1980s, I met a guy who was the childhood friend of a mutual friend.  We had a good deal in common, including our musical tastes, our love for the great outdoors, … Continue reading

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