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Questions You Should Ask When You’re Face to Face Pt. 2 (Getting a bit More Personal)

These questions are meant to help you identify issues that will help determine the donor’s capacity to give, and they can also prevent a potential faux pas in your relationship with your supporter in the future. Continue reading

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Donor Research After the Cambridge Analytica Scandal

A few weeks ago, the media was abuzz with news that Cambridge Analytica, a business that gleans and analyzes user information on social media giant, Facebook, accessed and used public personal information on behalf of political campaigns in the US and Britain.  … Continue reading

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How Donor-Centered Are You Willing to Be? (Something You Can Learn From Miracle on 34th Street)

There is a lot of talk about being donor-centered in fundraising, but just how donor-centered are you really?  Do you really look to do what is best for the donor or what is best for you and your organization? Let … Continue reading

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